About Us


We developed “Locations with Groove” over the last years while working as professional location managers and filmmakers.

We can count on a network of talents, personalities and institutions.

We daily speak English, German, Spanish and obviously Italian but any other translation service is available on demand.

3 Reasons to call us now!

1) We have a real deep knowledge of our territory and we organize practical and effective logistic plans in order to reduce the travel time and minimize overtiming.

2) We have been working with extraordinary professionals in international projects and we learned how to work with unconditioned passion and full dedication: we are willing to do the same with you!

3) We love our country and we have a deep culture about it and its history, we have a full range of competences that are necessary not only to find the right place for a great story, but we are also creative partners from the first moment we read a script.

Meet our team